Talk the talk.

Toasted helps you write for your audience, whether they're accountants or college students.

How it helps

We're often advised to write for our audience, but that's easier said than done. Using AI, Toasted estimates how strongly your writing will appeal to your audience and makes suggestions on how you can improve. Businesses rely on Toasted to improve their copy and job descriptions, so that they can turn interest into sales and attract more qualified applicants. A handful of words can make all the difference.

How it works

Toasted uses natural language processing (NLP) to learn meaningful patterns from massive corpora. When Toasted predicts, for example, that your writing is fairly effective for an audience of software engineers, it does not imply that every single software engineer will be receptive to it. Rather, it means that compared to other writing, software engineers will on average be more receptive to yours.



Supports several demographics, from college students to accountants


Provides actionable insights to help you improve your writing


Does not store your documents (save shortlinks), to protect your privacy


Allows documents to be shared with just a single click

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